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We are cloud experts. We can help your organization be future-proof.

Aside from deploying and supporting enterprise open source applications, we are problem solvers. We can troubleshoot incidents and problems lingering in your applications that causes downtime. We are expert in monitoring and by deploying custom probe scripts, we will be able to zero-in on the root cause of your problems and eliminate it once and for all. We also provide knowledge transfers, shadowing and training to level up your existing staff. We can also integrate your existing applications to make them communicate with each other increasing their usefulness and value.

Cloud Migration

Whether you need to transform your On-Premise infrastructure into a Private Cloud, moving your Private Cloud to Public Cloud, or moving your Public Cloud into Cloud Native we can be your ally along the way. We work with any cloud providers be it AWS, GCP, Azure, Alibaba or Tencent. We will impart with you our DevOps philosophy along with our CICD methodology. We treat everything as Code, your Infrastructure, Pipelines, Security and Testing. We adhere to Immutable Infrastructure. Other DevOps are just Configuration Management. We look into the future and you can get there before your competitor does. Speed and elasticity will let you win the race.

Enterprise Open Source

Any proprietary application that you currently have has an equal if not better open source counterpart. According to studies, actual maintenance of the applications takes 70% of the cost. So why invest on very expensive upfront cost? Better invest on OPEX rather than CAPEX for software. On the average, we will only charge 10% of the cost of your proprietary vendor lock-in application for the deployment of an open source replacement . Comes with a minimum of 8-hour intensive training for your staff.

Enterprise Monitoring

Want Nagios XI but you are being hold off by its price? The Standard Edition for a 100-node is $1,995 and the Enterprise Edition Unlimited-node could shoot up to $6,495. We can deploy a Nagios Core Edition for you with our custom built plugins that rivals if not better than Nagios XI Enterprise Unlimited-node for the cost of only $500. That is $6,000 savings. Comes with an 8-hour training for your staff.

Do you have a resource shortage? We can do the monitoring for you 24x7 at $100/month.

We have a Nagios Demo. Please use demo/demo as credentials.

Enterprise Support

We offer Maintenance Agreements (MA) that starts at $200 for 3 months. Duration is maximum of 1 year which can be renewed. You will have 4 hours of text/call/email support per day for 5 days/week and free 1 hour onsite support for 5 days/week. You can extend it up to 8 hours text/call/email support per day for 7 days/week and free 7 hours onsite support for 7 days/week all for $4,000 for the whole year.

For emergencies without the benefit of an MA, we will come to your rescue at $100/hr offsite and $200/hr onsite.

Consulting, Shadowing and Training

Want to level up your staff but the cost is so prohibitive? We provide consulting to give you advice on latest trends in technology and proven solutions to common IT problems. We can also train your staff and transfer knowledge to them. We can also do shadowing to coach your staff as they do their work or to show them how it is done properly. All of this for a very affordable price that starts at $9/hr only.

Application Integration and Development

You got a lot of applications. Come report generation, it eats up most of your time since data comes from different sources in different formats. Worse, some data are duplicated and inconsistent. Unclean data fed to an advance AI or Analytics does not give correct results. We can integrate your applications to make them more effective and to project their usefulness. You can save time which translates to cost savings. We will custom develop integration scripts if no ready API is available for integration. Free assessment.


Since every business is moving online, security has become a top concern. We are providing penetration testing, infrastructure, code and privacy audit, intrusion detection system, honeypots and hardening. You only pay for vulnerabilities discovered and on the average that is just $1000. Peace of mind is priceless but we made it more affordable.

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Infrastructure Engineering

We treat your infrastructure as an engineering project. We have the same phases like requirements, design, implementation, testing and deployment/maintenance. On top of it, we do it using Agile methodology where the first iteration will get you an MVP where you can start operating right away. We employ the best software practices by treating insfrastructure as code like version and dependency management.

Problem Resolution

Do you have a lingering problem that causes day-to-day headache to your business. We offer free assessment of the problem. Actual solution will just cost you $500 on average not $2,000 minimum as other vendor charges for routine services. And it is payable upon confirmation that it really works.

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